Meet Philip

Twenty-four year old Philip Brown will be making the walk from New Bern to Durham this coming May. This North Carolina native’s hometown is Charlotte but he is currently residing in Greensboro where he is working to complete a Master’s in Public History at UNC-Greensboro. He finds a particular interest in how people encounter and interact with history. Philip completed his BA at UNC-Chapel Hill where he majored in Peace, War, and Defense and American History.

For Philip, history runs in the family. “My father was interested in history long before I was born so I guess you could say I was raised in an environment where history was important to my family.  My earliest memory of being interested in history is before I attended kindergarten.”

As for the 160 mile walk, “I think this walk takes a portion of North Carolina's history and spreads it across a large area of the state. The event is also designed to get people interested and engaged with history.  We are working with a subject and time period in North Carolina that has deep connections to things that we deal with today, especially the experience of civilians and soldiers in the aftermath of military conflicts.”