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Posted by Philip Brown on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Under: Walk Home NC

The long walk home is fast approaching and I am hard at work preparing for this historic journey.  The process of getting ready for such a daunting task is multi-faceted.  My main concern when we first began talking about this event was my feet.  I will be doing this program in period shoes that were graciously provided by one of our sponsors, having said that I wanted to ensure that they were properly broken in. 

New all leather shoes can be stiff when they arrive brand new, if not properly treated they can quickly damage your feet.  I went about the break in process just as the soldiers did 150 years ago, I first soaked them in water which instantly softened the leather.  Next, I laced them up on my feet and walked long enough to dry them out while on my feet, this was a distance of about three miles.  That night I gave them a nice coat of oil to ensure the shoes stay nice and soft. I will continue to wear them on a near daily basis leading up to my journey from New Bern to Durham.

My next concern was being in the right physical condition to complete this 160 mile trek across the Old North State.  To address this I have been watching what I eat and doing my best to fit exercising into my schedule.  Both the weather and my school schedule have hampered me along the way, especially throughout January and February.  But as the snow melts and spring comes around the corner I find myself outdoors more and more.
In terms of the types of exercise, I consulted my brother, Harrison who is a triathlete, distance runner, and soon to be physical education teacher.  His advice to me was to try my best to do the activity that I will be doing throughout the program, walking.  He said that running could get me into shape but nothing will prepare my body more for distance walking than well, distance walking.  Over the next three months I will be completing a series of multi-day hikes to try to get a feel for what I will be experiencing in the middle of may, this year.

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