The Second Day is the Hardest - Cove City to Kinston in Pictures

Posted by Duke Homestead on Sunday, May 17, 2015 Under: Walk Home NC
Day two dawned sunny and hot. Philip and Wade spent the night in the Cove City Baptist Church and while it was 17 miles to Kinston via highway 70, they would be taking back roads that day and covering 20 miles to get there. 

The day quickly turned even hotter and Philip and Wade were forced to take more rest breaks than they had anticipated. The sun was setting by the time they reached Kinston.

Almost their destination, Philip and Wade were joined by veteran Sgt. Jason Posey who walked the last mile mile with them.

When they arrived at Harriet's Chapel, Philip and Wade found themselves at a Federal checkpoint. They were asked for their parole papers before being given the go ahead to Harmony Hall and a hot dinner thanks to the Evening Rotary Club.

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