Day Two: Cove City to Kinston

May 17, 2015

May 12th, 2015

This was most certainly a challenging day. Wade and myself traveled twenty miles from Cove City to Kinston. This part of the trip involved stretches of straight road. They were so long that you could see over the horizon when you looked down the road.

I learned a number of lessons today. I had always been told that it was important to keep eating all day, and I understood that. But, today I felt what it was like to completely exhaust my energy. My legs would not move at times when my brain told them to. I would eat a snack and in a short period of time I would be up and moving again. When we arrived in Kinston, we came upon a Federal checkpoint where our paroles and passes were checked.

After all the necessary paperwork was looked over, we were free to pass.

We continued on to meet with several veterans that were awaiting our arrival. At this point I had to say farewell to Wade who had to turn back for home. This was a strange feeling. Wade had been with me all the way. I was reminded of the times I had read about soldiers returning home and saying goodbye to comrades. I have only known Wade for a couple years and only really got to know him recently. I can only imagine what these soldiers felt like after years of war together.

I am looking forward to a night’s rest and a day of recuperation tomorrow.

-         Philip Brown May 12, 2015


Stormy Monday - New Bern to Cove City in Pictures

May 17, 2015
At Union Point Park in New Bern, Philip, along with three other reenactors prepared for what would be a stormy first day.

Shortly after lunch, the group came across Francis Riggs and Nancy Hawkins Wood stopped the group, asking for news of Francis' son and giving them some supplies including a charm of protection. They were also hoping to find a person who was heading all the way to Durham Station and could take a letter.

The rain eventually stopped and the day turned sunny and hot. By the time...

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Day One: New Bern to Cove City

May 14, 2015

"We have reached the end of the first day. We covered a little over 18 miles traveling from New Bern to Cove City. Today was certainly challenging. We started out this morning at 9:30 in the pouring rain. It rained steady and the wind was strong for the first seven miles of the trip. At lunch we were able to stop and change our socks and medicated our feet. We were all fairly well suited on our feet until we began walking in the wet grass. This simply re-saturated our feet. However, we carrie...
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Training for the Walk

March 10, 2015

The long walk home is fast approaching and I am hard at work preparing for this historic journey.  The process of getting ready for such a daunting task is multi-faceted.  My main concern when we first began talking about this event was my feet.  I will be doing this program in period shoes that were graciously provided by one of our sponsors, having said that I wanted to ensure that they were properly broken in. 

New all leather shoes can be stiff when they arrive brand new, if not properly t...

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