Day One: New Bern to Cove City

Posted by Philip Brown on Thursday, May 14, 2015 Under: Daily Dispatch

"We have reached the end of the first day. We covered a little over 18 miles traveling from New Bern to Cove City. Today was certainly challenging. We started out this morning at 9:30 in the pouring rain. It rained steady and the wind was strong for the first seven miles of the trip. At lunch we were able to stop and change our socks and medicated our feet. We were all fairly well suited on our feet until we began walking in the wet grass. This simply re-saturated our feet. However, we carried on and the sun came out and warmed everything up."

"We started out four strong. Kevin Barnes, Wade Rogers, Jeremiah DeGennaro, and myself. Kevin was able to make it twelve miles before his feet gave out. Wade, Jeremiah, and myself went all the way to Cove City.

Shortly after Kevin’s feet gave out a pouring rain came upon the three remaining. We ducked into a tree line and waited it out for about ten minutes. Nevertheless our feet were once again soaked. WE made it into Cove City at about 7:00 pm. The people that greeted us at Cove City were wonderful. They treated us to a wonderful dinner. After addressing our feet we have decided to bed down for the night and look forward to our journey to Kinston."

"Today has been a day of learning in many ways. I have gained a whole new appreciation for soldiers on campaign throughout the ages. Additionally I have come to contemplate some of the thoughts returning soldiers may have had 150 years ago. More on that later.

Philip Brown. "

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